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    Take a look and enjoy!

    Family reunited!

    Johan's family. He order a Cubito drawing with all his family on it!. here are they, in their dearest spot where grandparents live in Norway.

    Price: A3 + 19 people , 1860 nk


    Here are depicted all the things that August, the birthday baby, is more fond of (well and his parents love for rugby)

    price: A4, 699 nk


    A cute image of a family and their favorite hobbies and private jokes.

    Price: A3, 1290 nk


    As simpel as that. Cute. Love.

    Price: A5 (390 nk)


    Perfect to help others understand complex situations, especially kids.

    Price: A4: ca. 400 nk (depends of amount of information)

    Leaving gift

    Perfect to depict a college's achievements and funny moments at the work place. Tears of joy guaranteed :)



    Price: A3 (with 30 figures) 2190 nk.

  • How does it work

    Drawings will depict a real or imaginary scene with some pics you will be requested to send. That way, Cubito creates a unique image full of familiar objects, people and surroundings.
    Fun and useful!

    1. Contact Cubito


    If you have an idea but you are still unclear of what you are looking for, contact Cubito and she will create the perfect drawing for you.

    top feature: you can write in spanish, french, english or norwegian.

    2. Send Pictures

    via email. Normal ones, nothing fancy

    To achieve your UNIQUE drawing, Cubito needs images of personal items and surroundings, which will help her create a drawing that reflects everything you might be imagining

    3.Pay and receive

    All work done

    As soon as we agreed on the project idea, you will receive the bill and different methods to pay: bank account, Vipps (Norway) and PayPal.
    About a week later, the drawings will be on your hands.

    Zero regrets guaranteed.

  • Example

    Cubito received a request from Rose, a mother of two. She wrote about them, their favorite things, and sent pictures of the living room, the kids and their toys.
    Cubito mixed all together with a little bit of fantasy.
    Rose was really impressed and happy with the result.

    Costumer happy, Cubito happy ;)

  • Prices

    Every project is unique, so prices might vary.

    Contact Cubito to have a tailor made project and correct price.

    Some examples prices, in Norwegian kroner and €.
    (ship not included)

    21x29,7cm (A4 )

    699 nok (73 €)


    +30 nok (3 €) extra per figure beyond 5.

    +(Shipping 40 nk in Norway)

    30x40 cm (A3 ish)

    1290 nok (135 €)


    +30 nok (3€) extra per figure beyond 5.
    +(shipping around 80 nk in Norway, 12 Euros in Europe)

    Digital copy of the drawing for just an extra 50 nok (5€)

    Remember to order your digital copy so you can print it, color it, send it by email, artclip!

    For sending out of Norway or Europe, contact Cubito for an adjusted price.

    Customized size

    Do you need another format? Just let us know and we customize the size.
    Max size A1.


    Shippping cost might vary

  • Contact Cubito

    Just do it! This is going to be perfect!

  • Why a drawing?

    why a drawing? what for?

    Those drawings are full of details. Why?

    Well... these drawings can be a good idea for:


    Celebrate a loved one's birthday or a wedding anniversary with the gift of a personalized drawing. Or just to tell them you care about them any day of the year!.

    Support picture (perfect for kids)

    Drawings can also help your child understand a difficult situation as you talk through the picture together: a new baby, a move, a hospital appointment...

    Support cards.

    Mini cards to use in schools, at home. Cards that represent something we want the kid to do or acknowledge: brush his teeth after eating, tidy the books in the shells...
    Again, these drawings must have familiar details to make it personal and unique for the kid. This is the beauty of Cubito's drawings!

    And more....

    If you have other idea (a mini book, a t-shirt) just contact Cubito. She will be thrill to hear about it and... draw it!

  • FAQ (frequent asked questions)

    Here are some questions customers ask Cubito

    I want a drawings but I have no idea about what, nothing comes to mind!

    This is what Cubito likes to do (and draw of course). You can just explain about the person(s) you want the drawing about: Hobbies, fantasies, things they really like, or dream to do. Cubito will then create a coctail with that information and create a drawing out of it.
    But you can also have an rough idea, and chat with Cubito (gmail chat) to discuss about it.

    How many pictures do I have to send?

    It could be 1 or 20. A useful check list:

    -Picture(s) with the person(s) you want to be in the drawing.

    -A place in the house, garden, school... a place that is sentimental (optional)

    -Objects that are cherish for people of the photos (toys, dresses, accessorizes. (optional but it give a more personal touch)

    -Google image will help with standard toys, films, character, models of vehicles and such.

    What happen to the pictures I sent?

    Cubito will never share your photos to others. She will keep them for a month in case you want to order another drawings. After this time, all photos will be erased.

    What kind of format? Can I choose size of the paper?

    It can be from A3 to A6. If you have a specific format, just ask for it. Cubito knows how to use scissors :)

    Color or black&white?

    Cubito likes b&w drawings with a touch of color in the cheeks. If you want a color version, you can ask for it, but prices will be consequently a little bit higher and -colorful-.

    How long do I have to wait to receive my drawing?

    From the moment you have a confirmation that Cubito received the payment, it might take between 3 days or a week (Norway). Of course international sending will take a little bit more.

    Can I have a scanned version of the drawing?

    When the drawing is done (no color) It can be scanned and sent to you. Those drawings can be fun for kids to coloring, and you can print as much as you want. Digital drawing will cost just an additional 50 nk! (5€) :)

    When do I pay?

    After you have sent your request and photos, Cubito will send you a emial with the price of your project and modalities of payment. Once you've paid, Cubito starts drawing.

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    She is talented, wears hat and scarf and is full of fantasy.
    In addition (and useful) she can draw anything!